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Press Release
June 13, 2005

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Timothy’s Law is Unlikely This Year

A statement by Jeff Leland, chair Employer Alliance for Affordable Health Care

Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno confirmed today that the latest attempt by advocates to push through unlimited mental health legislation in this session is not expected to win the needed bipartisan support before June 23.

In Friday’s Troy Record, Senator Bruno echoed our belief that the latest Timothy’s Law proposal that has little to no chance of becoming a viable compromise. The Employer Alliance for Affordable Health Care is prepared to consider any serious solution to resolving the state’s health insurance crisis. However, we are steadfast in thinking that last-minute acts of desperation are not the answer and we applaud Senator Bruno and other leaders for standing firm against this type of manipulation.

We look toward 2006 as a time to work together for real solutions that will make basic health insurance coverage accessible and affordable for sole proprietors and small business owners in New York State.