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Press Release
May 29, 2007


Legislatures must return $100 Million reimbursement before mandate is expanded - 05/29/07 

Before we ask taxpayers to underwrite any additional costs associated with the mental health mandate, small businesses must be given the $100 million reimbursement promised to defray added costs of this law. The money to cover this expense is set aside, awaiting dispersal, in the current budget.

The mandate’s small business reimbursement is an unprecedented provision that requires New York State to offset the financial hardship inflicted by the legislation by directing the state’s general fund to reimburse small businesses (companies with 50 and fewer employees) the full cost of covering expanded mental health services. The mandate became effective on Jan. 1 and to date, the status of the reimbursement remains unknown.

The terms of this provision must be complete before taxpayers are burdened with any additional costs. We urge the executive to complete the implementation of proper reimbursement to the small group participants before acquiring any new costs.

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