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Press Release
April 15, 2008

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Employer Alliance for Affordable Health Care Asks Lawmakers to Reject Timothy’s Law Expansion 

The Employer Alliance for Affordable Health Care today called on lawmakers to reject a proposal that would expand New York’s Timothy’s Law to cover treatment of post traumatic stress disorder.

“The ink is barely dry on the original Timothy’s Law and already advocates want to expand it and add to the cost of health insurance,” said Jeff Leland, chair of the Employer Alliance.

Coverage of post traumatic stress disorder was already considered during the negotiations on the original Timothy’s Law legislation, and it was ultimately kept out. In addition, recognizing that mandating coverage of mental health services was going to increase the cost of providing health insurance, the original law included $100 million to help defray the increased costs for small businesses. It also required a study on the use and costs of the mental health services, with that study yet to be conducted.

“New York health insurance is already more expensive than the national average,” noted Leland. “Adding new conditions will only add to those costs. And it would be on top of $70 million in increased health care taxes placed on businesses in this year’s state budget.”

“Keeping health insurance affordable is the only way to keep New Yorker’s insured. This should be the top priority of our state lawmakers - not adding to the mandates we already have.”

The Employer Alliance for Affordable Health Care is a coalition of more than 3,400 employers and individuals from across New York, representing more than 200,000 working New Yorkers, committed to preserving quality affordable health care.

Editor’s note: Jeff Leland is president of Leland Paper Co. in Glens Falls. He can be reached at (518) 792-0949.