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Bills: A.7128 ≠Tokasz/S.966 ≠ Farley

An act to amend the Insurance Law, in relation to providing coverage for hospice care under the Healthy New York program.

The Employer Alliance for Affordable Health Care, a coalition of more than 1,500 New York employers committed to keeping health insurance in New York affordable, supports a moratorium on all health mandates. Mandates increase the cost of premiums and ultimately

the number of uninsured. This proposal seeks to add coverage of hospice services to the Healthy New York benefit package. We oppose this measure as being contrary to the intent of the program.

The Employer Alliance for Affordable Health Care is an enthusiastic supporter of the Healthy New York. The intent of the program is to establish a product that is more affordable by utilizing aggressive stop-loss subsidies in tandem with an elimination of certain mandated benefits. Providing employers greater choice in benefit package is critical to keeping people insured. Unfortunately, because New York has more than 30 mandated benefits ≠ even a ≥stripped down≤ policy in New York includes a wide range of mandated benefits that cost more than $1,000 per employee (family coverage) annually. Recently, to address some of the shortcomings of the program, the Department of Insurance promulgated

new regulations designed to lower eligibility requirements and increase the stop-loss subsidy. This has led to a steady increase in enrollment in the program.

Mandating a new benefit to the Health New York package ≠ no matter how suitable - is counter to the intent of this program. Adding mandated benefits to Healthy New York would ultimately vitiate this worthwhile experiment that seeks to bring more affordable health insurance to more New Yorkers.

Instead of advocating for this legislation, the Employer Alliance seeks support for the elimination of other mandated benefits to further help reduce the cost of this program and expand access.

We urge you to vote NO on A.7128/S.966.


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Scott Miller, Chairman