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Our History 

In 1997 Amsterdam businessman Scott Miller and a handful of small business owners joined together to create  The Employer Alliance for Affordable Health Care after a single mandate, The Chiropractic Care Act, increased health insurance costs by more than $110 million annually.

As premiums increased, our membership grew. Today we hold steady with more than 3,000 statewide members.  

Among our first... in 2003 we commissioned the first  ever study that showed a direct link between coverage and mandates and premium costs. In 2007, we successfully fought for legislation and funding that will give New York State lawmakers a tool to determine the cost and medical efficacy of their proposal to aid their decision-making process. The commission finally became a reality in 2015, not as originally intended, but due to federal reform, it now serves as a tool to provide lawmakers with the economic impact of changes on the state, still serving to protect small businesses AND taxpayers from additional, unnecessary costs.

Our Organization Today

Even though the federal government has outlined what types of treatments and services MUST be covered, New York lawmakers continue their efforts to manage health insurance through regulation. This is bad news for consumers and taxpayers alike.
More than two million small businesses in New York State employ 51% of the total workforce. That's why we rely on members to help us show Albany how their actions are hurting the very men and women who are the economic backbone of their hometown community.

Join or support our advocacy group to stop the negative impact of health care costs. With your support, we can develop a practical, workable solution to create a level playing field for all to have access to basic, yet affordable health insurance.

Larry Teal, 2015 Board Chair
Owner of Accounting For All, Clifton Park

Founder, Scott Miller
Miller Printing & Litho, Amsterdam

Pamela Reese Finch,
Executive Director